First Day of April in Two Thousand and six

April Fool's Day...

Single day: 1003 Days

What the HECK is goin' on in my fuckin' life !?

Am I foolin' myself!?

"To Be or Not to Be"<--- That's serious question!!

But my own question is...

"Is it Need or it's Never Be Needed"

I've been changin' my TARGET again and again...

View their pics one by one

But none of them is successed or even talk to them...  >皿<"

i think the fuckin' pics can really "overrule" my mind

"I walk through Mindfields so watch your head rock!!"

In the end, I feel I'ma like "Jessie" more I think and I guess...

But like she said:" I don't need to know more date"

Which that means you got many guys who have crush on you, and I'm just a "Plain Jane"??

But what about her feelin'?!

Poor me...

p.s. 幹! 生平最貴的Zippo的第一摔發生了! 而且還不是我自己摔的! 更幹!

All I wanna say is "F~~U~~C~~K~~"


New Twenty

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