god damn!

every time i saw you

i always call away my eyes

but i just can’t control it!!

my eyes just will turn back to see you

even if it’s just for one the poor second

i know you’re just few meters away from me

but it feels like a thousand meters away from you

i can’t stop thinking about you

even if i dunno you well

do we have the same feelin’?

i bet we don’t!!

the day of the first that i talked on yahoo - msg with you

that night,i’ve got a missed call

but the number is “withheld”

i’m wondering it was you

but i know!

it’s only just my androgen’s affects again!

but if really it was you

i’m very sorry!!

i always turned my phone on silent

so i didn’t heard it or know it

god damn!!


not again!

last time is the same situation as this time

i didn’t mean to!

but all i know

it’s only just my androgen’ messin’s up with my own!

not for real

and not for truth!...



maybe that’s the way i escape form the real truth?!




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