Yea~ yea~ yea~

You “two” can get more closer as you want~

Just pretending that I’m invinsible...

You don’t have to care about my fuckin’ feelin’

Yea~ yea~

Although I’m drown in your set...


You said you won’t like that girl she were

But in the end, what did you do!?

Who the fuck you being with now!?



I already knew you two are lying!

I hate your act!

Actting likea nothin’s happen!?

No more pretending, OK!?

Cuz’ I’ma fine!!

I’ll bleesing you two...

To be a memorize?!


That’s fine~

You’ll never ever be inside my heart!


and you~


That’s why you two are pretty match about it!

And I’m not “good enough” to match her!!

Lie to me that she’s busy!?

It can be tracked back to her blog!

And the photo you showed me in your mobile

Do you really think that I’ll be that stupid!?


I’m not!

God Damn!

Don’t push me...

Don’t push me to the limit...

Don’t push me to the crack up’s edge...

Just don’t do it...

Fine~ fine~ fine~

Cuz’ I’ve got all the crack on me~



Single Days:1027 Days

Just keep my life more deceptive...


That’s good!

Cuz’ I dunno how long am I have to be Fake!?...

New Twenty

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